All along the watchtower

I still feel I’ve got a lot of photos to process from Venice, however I have already done 17 or so and that’s a pretty good turn out from a short trip. It’s an awesome place to wander around, and with the right weather it’s also an awesome place to shoot.

I popped over to San Giorgio Maggiore to see what was there, and what it is like to look back at Venice, rather than at this island which is what I seemed to spend a lot of my previous days doing. I thought it was pretty awesome when I saw this particular feature, especially as the clouds were moving quite nicely, allowing me to grab a long exposure or seven. This image was 5 minutes in length so you can spend a lot of time shooting very few images when doing these exposures.

Tonight I’m off to Geneva as I have a meeting there tomorrow, alas I will not see any sights, so no chance of photography while I’m there.

  • Camera: “Canon EOS 5D Mark II”