And finally we have the fourth bridge to span the Grand Canal, the Ponte dell’ Accademia, a nice old wooden bridge.

As with all of the other bridges I have featured this week, this one is popular with tourists and on this morning, with a little mist in the background, they were all lining up to take shots – which seemingly included a photo-workshop of 20 people that I saw several times throughout the weekend.

It was an unusual spot, that started with me trying to get a decent line into the image. However one side of the pier was lower and longer than the other side so I couldn’t get the symmetry I wanted. The sun was also immediately ahead of me, and though the mist diffused somewhat I still had to ensure the bridge was in between it and the camera, and so the bright central spot in the water is indeed from the sun’s reflection.

As this exposure was around 2 minutes in length you cannot see my rear lens cap floating off down the canal as it fell from my bag while I was changing lenses. I’m very pleased that this was the only item lost to the elements on this trip.

  • Camera: “Canon EOS 5D Mark II”