Yesterday my image was of the Constitution Bridge, and today we have Ponte degli Scalzi, the bridge of the barefoot monks. Yes, it’s the second of four bridges which cross the Grand Canal in Venice, and if you know just how predictable I am then you can probably guess what the next two images I post are going to be.

Before going to Venice I thought I would capture images of all four bridges, and that it would be an easy thing. Not so, as they are not actually the easiest subjects to take photos of, and getting a vantage point to suit, along with weather conditions, is a difficult thing. My first time crossing this bridge was a no-go, and it was only on my final day in Venice that I returned here to try and grab ‘something’ that I could use. This was the last shot I took in Venice, and will need to suffice.

  • Camera: “Canon EOS 5D Mark II”