I’ve just spent 4 lovely days in Venice, and my feet are pretty sore because of it.

On my final day I was fortunate enough to have some mist, though found it was pretty unpredictable. In the morning there was a little, which I thought had lifted due to the sun coming up. However after breakfast I walked to another part of the city and it was still there, only to clear a bit later, and then later on I saw it again elsewhere in the city where it hadn’t been earlier. I think it may just be a mist cloud that moves around randomly, it was pretty odd.

This is a 3 minute exposure of ‘Ponte della Costituzione’, or Constitution Bridge – one of the four bridges that span the Grand Canal. The latest bridge to be built across the canal it was opened in late 2008. I think it’s my favourite simply because it is the most modern yet somehow still seems to fit in with the Venice vibe. It’s also got a pod on one side which allows wheelchairs to cross. It seems Venice is attempting to make itself more accessible, though this just seems to be by use of wooden planks up and down various bridges which does not add to the aesthetics of the city.

  • Camera: “Canon EOS 5D Mark II”