A secret stairway

Well, this is another year over. Where has it gone?

I doubt I’m doing an end of year summary video this year – unless I somehow find the time and energy to do it tomorrow. So in place of that I will do a quick highlight/lowlight summary of my photographic year.

Losing camera strap and memory card, full of images taken from a commercial shoot, in the Thames river.
Being disappointed by Helsinki and Bergen, when these were two locations I had really been looking forward to visiting.
Having to return from my trip to New York a day early due to adverse weather conditions.
Not having the energy or resistance to stifling heat to make more of my short time in the Philippines.

As you can see, I’m actually struggling to find lowlights – as this has been a pretty awesome year for me.

Stepping foot in a different foreign country during each month of this year. This was my only real aim for 2014 and I’m so pleased I managed to do it. In order I visited: USA (New York), Ireland (Dublin), Scotland (a few locations and a few times this year), Singapore, Philippines (Manila), Japan (several locations), France (Paris), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Finland (Helsinki), Montenegro (Perast and somewhere else), Bosnia & Herzegovina (Mostar), Croatia (Dubrovnik), Denmark (Copenhagen), Sweden (Malmo), Canada (Vancouver), USA (Los Angeles), Norway (Bergen) and Portugal (Lisbon).
Getting the Canon 70-200mm, and actually using it.
Managing another year of Monday-Friday photoblog posts without skipping a day.
Not having to repair my camera, for once.
Going on photowalks and trips with friends, and making new friends along the way.

Quick facts:
Countries visited: 17
Hotels, or other form of accommodation (B&B, Airbnb, hostel, etc), where I stayed: 29
Time spent flying: 106 hours and 40 minutes (just over 4 complete days)
Favourite trip: Japan
Favourite sunrise: Actually one without sun, it was a stormy morning in Perast, Montenegro where we managed to take some photos of excellent storm clouds before getting drenched in a torrential downpour.
Favourite sunset: From Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada.
Favourite exterior location: Mostar bridge in Bosnia
Favourite interior location: Opera house in Paris, France
Favourite architectural location: Turning Torso building in Malmo, Sweden

What’s planned for 2015
Less travel! The trips currently being planned are: Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand (one trip), Spain for a wedding and then a drive across the historic Route 66. I’m sure there will be more though.

Farewell 2014, and bring on the New Year.

  • Camera: “Canon EOS 5D Mark II”
  • Shutter speed: 1/15s