I spent a lot of time here, at the National Pantheon, during my trip to Lisbon. Mostly I was hiding from the rain, but it’s a beautiful building that I was happy to wander around.

When I got to the top I was surprised to find such a vast rooftop space open out in front of me. I was confident that the ‘no tripod’ rule that was in force only applied to the interior of the building, and so I set up out here on the rooftop just as the rain was ceasing for a while and did a few long exposures (I took about 5 images before the rain started again).

This was potentially my favourite building in Lisbon, and for a €4 entry I thought it was pretty good value too. I am also delighted that I stumbled upon it, as I had many places pinpointed on my ‘to visit’ map and this was not one of them…it was only while I was walking around after visiting a nearby church that I saw the dome and thought it may be a good place to hide from the rain.

  • Camera: “Canon EOS 5D Mark II”