On Saturday night I visited a popular tourist spot in Bergen where a lot of multicoloured wooden houses stand in a rickety row. I had been there earlier in my trip, and would come again later – Bergen is pretty small – but I hadn’t quite got the shots I wanted by this point.

As I was working my way around various different angles I decided to line up this doorway which had an interesting looking interior. Behind me was a cat that I had also seen earlier on in my trip, and so I positioned myself between it and the doorway you see here.

I guess this particular cat wanted to be the star of the show, however, as no sooner had I set up it decided to rub itself up against my tripod (don’t judge – we’ve all done it) and then move into the middle of the frame.


Or at least, it would have been perfect had I not been using my super wide angle which made the cat look miles away.

I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have time to change lenses, and so I simply moved the camera in and low to try a decent angle. Two shots in and the cat had decided that enough was enough, and sauntered off down the street.

Here’s the original image should you wish to see how much changed during post.

Katten- original

  • Aperture: ƒ/8
  • Camera: “Canon EOS 5D Mark II”
  • Focal length: 14mm
  • ISO: 6400
  • Shutter speed: 1/5s