The storm

I’ve just spent a week in the Balkans with Conor, and boy did we have a mix of weather.

Our first night was spent in the lovely bay town of Perast in Montenegro. We hired an apartment on the basis it had wifi and would allow us to have a base for planning other elements of our trip, as well as being close to the action for sunrise and sunset. Halfway through the night a storm came in, the rain fell, the thunder crashed, and the lightning lit up the sky – while I pretty much slept on.

At 5am my alarm went off and I still heard rain, so I turned over and went back to sleep. 40 minutes later I heard Conor leaving his room and it seemed the storm had stopped – so we grabbed our gear and headed out to see what the sunrise had to offer.

I say the storm had stopped…it was actually just the eye of the storm it seemed, as before long the black clouds were once more descending upon up, we could see the rain falling in the distance and inching closer, and lightning bounced on the mountains.

In this shot you can see how much the boats were moving in the wind, a bus leaves light trails beside the museum as it seemingly wishes to escape from the encroaching storm, and I managed to get a solo bolt of lightning in action. I say ‘solo’, not because it’s the only one in this image, but because it’s the only bolt I managed to shoot out of many exposures.

Needless to say, the storm arrived pretty promptly, and Conor and I got absolutely drenched. It also knocked out the electricity in the whole area, which obviously included wifi, leaving us stranded with no real plans. So we went back to sleep for a few hours before driving north through the country to our next spot on the trip.

  • Camera: “Canon EOS 5D Mark II”