Those boats

I’m not sure while I was stood in this location taking a photo of these boats that I realised that they were actually those boats.

I say ‘boats’, but I believe they are actually boat sheds that you would use to keep a boat under; but they are indeed the ones that were the subject of a photo that raised quite a bit of controversy in recent years as the photograph which won the 2012 Landscape Photographer of the Year prize was stripped of the title after it had been established his image had been subjected to a little too much photoshop. Goodbye recognition (for the right reasons at least), goodbye prestigious photography award, and goodbye £10,000 prize money.

Remember boys and girls, photoshop is ‘cheating’ and cheating is for losers. Make sure that you only enter competitions that allow heavy editing in future….mmmkay.

  • Camera: “NEX-7”
  • Shutter speed: 1/40s