Make Moments

I took this image over the weekend as I wandered around shooting with my iPhone and a couple of new smart phone lenses from Moment.

The lenses were purchased a while ago via Kickstarter and delivered last week…just in time for my trip to the Balkans. One lens is a 60mm tele, and the second is an 18mm wide – it was the wide lens that I used to take the shot above.

Of course, the lens only helped in getting more into the frame…it was an app that made it into a long exposure, and during the lengthy shoot time I had also been making use of another Kickstarter backed product, the Pocket Tripod in order to keep the phone steady.

Once back at home I took the JPG through Photomatix and into Photoshop to play around with it a little, but essentially what you see here is the result of an iPhone shot. Here’s the original straight out of the camera:

straight out of camera

To give you an idea of how each of the lenses differ in comparison to the regular iPhone camera, here’s look at images taken with the lenses and the camera all from the same spot. First up is the 18mm, then the iPhone camera without any additional lenses, and then the 60mm.


The lenses are super small and attach to the back of the phone after you have put on a thin mount plate (which remains on your phone at all times). I get a very slight vignette in a couple of the corners on the wide lens, possibly due to my mounting of the backplate – though it looks perfectly aligned to me.

They come with a simple carry pouch which should stop them from getting scratched while they are being carried around, however neither lens comes with a lens cap so time will tell if that becomes an issue. I noted several times when removing them from the pouch I put my grubby little fingers directly on the glass so had to give them a clean before I could use them…a cap would prevent me from doing that.

The lenses cost $100 for the two…slightly more now they are out of Kickstarter and accepting pre-orders. I can see myself using them quite a bit as they are so easy to carry around…even if it is going to be purely for my Instagram.

Caledonian Clock Tower