Back to the Yorkshire Dales today and another waterfall that was found on the lovely ‘waterfall trail’ at Ingleton.

The UK has a lot of beautiful National Parks and it’s with photography in the past few years that I’ve started to visit some of them. Some are really close together also, and so we visited this particular one while staying at the Lake District.

This really confuses my system for storing photos. I used to always store things by date in Lightroom, and this year I’ve taken to storing it by trip name instead. Sure, it’s easy for me to remember that I went to New York in January, Japan in April and Helsinki in July, etc, but how easy will that be to remember next year when I look back at them…or indeed to know the exact dates of my trip if I take other photos around it. So, this year I started to simply name the folders after the location I had visited, and leave all of my London images dated instead.

This is working out well so far, as I could simply go ahead and find the folder called ‘Lake District’ (in this instance) to find images from that trip, rather than trying to remember if it was the end of May or the start of June that I went there.

Part of me hates it though. Sure, my trip was to the Lake District, and that’s where I spent my nights. However I did take a trip to the Yorkshire Dales for images, and now all of those shots are in a folder that names another National Park. This carries on up to my Smugmug account which syncs from Lightroom, so I now have a waterfall from one location in a folder for what is technically another location.

It’s almost as bad as putting a CD back in the wrong case.

  • Camera: “Canon EOS 5D Mark II”