Hammersmith bridge

On Saturday I popped down to Hammersmith bridge to grab a shot of it during sunset…I’m not sure that it was worth it.

I had spent 3 hours before this in a field where a lovely wedding reception was taking place, and where I was taking photos of the catering side of things. As it was relatively close to where John lives I opted to visit him afterwards so we could catch up, and catch a sunset. All good so far.

The sunset was okay, not amazing, and it was nice to meet with ‘Mewrox‘ who was also grabbing images on the beach. However, at some stage as the sun went down and I was changing lenses or whatever, it appears my BlackRapid camera strap must have fallen from my bag. Within the BlackRapid was a memory card I had been using that day.

It was the next day when I was about to import the event images that I realised it was missing, and where the only logical place was that it could have been lost. Thus, the Thames tide has claimed it.

I don’t mind the loss of gear, as that’s replaceable and only worth £130 or so…but the loss of images and the fact I have to let down a client is the frustrating part. Looks like I will have to think of options in the future to be able to speedily back up in the field…and though I’ve considered it before I guess it takes something like this happening to make me pull the trigger.

Suggestions welcome; I shoot on Canon and Sony – so CF and standard SD card solutions required.

  • Camera: “Canon EOS 5D Mark II”