Back in March I was in Singapore for a conference. After a very long week I had two hours or so to spare so decided to head out with the camera gear to capture this typical Singapore scene.

It was too late for the laser show, it was very hot, and I was super tired, and half way to this venue from my hotel I realised I had forgotten my tripod so ended up having to go back for it. I ended up taking 3 images from this location, from different angles, before returning to the hotel where I grabbed some room service, worked for 5 hours and then left for the airport so I could hop on a flight to the Philippines. Therefore, this is likely to be the only shot you see of mine from Singapore.

The conference I was at happens 3 times per year, and I am just finishing up with the latest one where my last session is later today. This one is in London so it’s much less stressful, even if I don’t get to travel somewhere new. Next one is in LA later this year.

This is a scheduled post, but I imagine it’s been a long week.

  • Camera: “Canon EOS 5D Mark II”