Silver or Caesar

The left stairs lead to Silver Tower, and the right stairs lead to Caesar Tower. Where am I?

More importantly, there is a door hidden in the shadow on the left, and behind that door is a toilet. This was my main interest in visiting this particular section of La Conciergerie in Paris. (Sorry, I’ve given you the answer already.)

However, once I was done relieving myself I made sure to take a shot of these stairs.

I was as lazy (and by lazy, I mean busy) as I normally am prior to this trip to Paris, in that I did very little research of where I wanted to go. Instead, a few days before heading out there I looked at this page of Top Photo Spots in Paris, by Jim Nix and added this location to my list of places to visit. You can actually buy a joint ticket for this place alongside the nearby Sainte-Chapelle.

  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Focal length: 14mm
  • ISO: 2500
  • Shutter speed: 1/125s