Reflex reflection

During a recent walk around town with James I saw the reflection of the London Eye in a nice large puddle on the Southbank and did the obvious thing of getting low to the ground to get a shot of it.

I had barely stood up when James had taken my place for a similar image, and the words ‘comp stomp’ left my mouth as if they were an insult (they weren’t). I was introduced to the term ‘comp stomp’ (composition stomping) in Dublin earlier this year by Jim Nix, and it’s a term I very much like.

As a photographer you are always looking for a unique shot, but it’s okay if someone else also wants to try that same composition. There’s no shame in it, and you may as well announce that you’re doing it in a friendly way rather than attempt to be covert about it.

James posted his image yesterday and mentioned that it’s the processing aspect that will make a difference in these cases; and that inspired me to go ahead and process my image of the same scene to see just how they differ.

I also opted to flip mine upside down, in case you hadn’t realised 🙂

  • Camera: NEX-7
  • Focal length: 16mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Shutter speed: 1/250s