Walking around Riga, Latvia I found a door that was slightly ajar. The building the door was attached, and indeed leading in, to was run down and had graffiti on it, but that’s not unfamiliar for Eastern Europe; I actually find it part of the charm.

I pulled the door open further, and it moved with relative ease. A stream of air moved over me, indicating there was likely to be another window or door open somewhere else in the building.

Stepping inside my eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the dimness that stood in contrast to the bright sun of the outside; when they did adjust I was in a long corridor, with three sets of stairs – like this one – running up the left hand side, and more doors on the right hand side, graffiti and litter were everywhere.

I walked slowly down the corridor taking in the scene, wondering how long it had been in this state and what kind of people had been here before me.

Then I heard a noise. A door had opened and shut, and now there were footsteps. I took a moment to assess where they were coming from and realized that someone was walking down the middle set of stairs. I had nowhere really to go, unless back outside, and so I waited as the footsteps grew louder and closer, nearing the corridor I was stood in where I would be face to face with whoever it was. Finally they reached the bottom of the stairs.

The figure of a man walked in front of me.

I stood motionless as he walked briskly from the steps, straight ahead to a set of doors which he pushed through with purpose.

I remained unnoticed.

I continued with my explore.

Turns out this building was actually an active train station; the tracks are at the top of the steps you see in this image.

Infiltration for the win….right? No? Okay then.

  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Focal length: 14mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Shutter speed: 1/25s