Ramses II

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Here’s a second image from my night at the museum last week in the company of Google+ and some awesome photographers. A normal daytime visit would have meant the room was full of people and tripod use would not be allowed, so again it was great to be able to get in to the museum after regular hours and have the unique experience of being there while nice and quiet…if someone is able to arrange the same for the Natural History Museum I would be one delighted bunny.

I’ll post a before and after on this image at some stage, as this final result is quite different to the original. I went for a square crop due to the correction I did to the lines resulting in the need to crop quite a bit. I also introduced a lot of light on the left hand side to create the golden glow coming in through the window. It wasn’t representative of the scene on the day, but it did bring me back to the numerous shows I have seen on the Discovery Channel about discovering aspects of Ancient Egypt and whenever someone opened a tomb to find the contents within there was always a nice glowing light that illuminated the treasures found.

  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Focal length: 14mm
  • ISO: 250
  • Shutter speed: 1/2.5s