This is an extract of an Antony Gormley statue, one of two which are featured in his work Parallel Field which is current on display at St Mary Axe in London; as part of the ‘Sculpture in the City’ project it’s on location until May 2014.

I have walked past the status many times but never stopped to take a photo until a few nights ago when I was out playing with my new Sony QX100 camera. Though I would certainly deem this as a fun camera, and perhaps not the ‘professional’ label Sony put on it, I am enjoying using it and my biggest bugbear is the fact it doesn’t shoot RAW.

This image was taken with it, by the way, and it was real easy and effortless to get the angle I wanted simply by moving my wrist a little bit – no bending over and trying to position myself or a tripod in just the right spot – I didn’t even have a tripod, it was held in my hand only.

The building popping out at the rear right hand side of the shot is the Gherkin.

  • Camera: DSC-QX100
  • Focal length: 10.4mm
  • ISO: 3200
  • Shutter speed: 1/25s