Jingshan Park

Well, I’m back from Beijing and I had a lovely time of it.

Sure, for the most part I was working, so seeing only the main strip of land where the hotels are, and spending most of my time eating and drinking a the Grand Hyatt hotel. A 5 star hotel is nice, of course, but doesn’t really give you a feel for the city, especially when the nicest food within the complex was an Italian restaurant.

After work I managed to grab a couple of days to wander around by myself…though feeling very tired and having so many locations to choose from meant I had to pick wisely and randomly, so not sure if I made the best use of my time there.

I’m starting with the final day of my trip where I went to Jingshan Park behind the forbidden city for sunset. Wikipedia tells me the park is basically is an artificial hill made from the earth which was taken from the moat area that surrounds the Forbidden City. I found that a spot on this hill is also the very centre of Beijing, so it’s a great spot to take in the 360 views of the city.

There were a lot of photographers up here, and as was common on my trip not the best of sunsets. Luckily my having a 14mm with me meant that I could stand beside this pagoda and have all of the other photographers standing behind me resulting in a shot without people.

I quickly processed this one after I got home yesterday, so am looking forward to going through the rest of my images from the trip over the next few days.