Strata Tower

We’re back to the Elephant & Castle in South London for this image, which is where we’re both starting and ending this week’s posts.

The Strata Tower is visible from many places within London, and is most easily recognised by the three large fans that can be found on the top of the building, built to harness the wind and provide energy savings for the building itself.

It was a stupidly windy day when I was here, but my 3 Legged Thing tripod seemed to stand up to that admirably, even while doing a long exposure with a B&W filter.

No matter how strong the wind blew, however, those fans on the top did not move at all which leads me to question the overall usefulness of them.

Processing was a straightforward affair; I sharpened a little in CS6 and then ran it through one of the filters in B&W Effects 2 by Topaz Labs – simple.

I hope everyone has had a good week.

This is an automated post, as I am currently in Beijing; therefore my responses will be slow – if at all.

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  1. I’ve been around that area a few times recently helping my son flat hunt and I’ve never seen those fans move yet! Great shot

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