Descent from Orbit

Long time readers of my photoblog may remember that I did a set of images from around the Olympic Park in London while we were hosting that magnificent event. Those who take far too big an interest will also remember my image of Orbit. If you do remember these things then, please, stop paying so much interest in me. It’s a little creepy to be honest…what’s next, telling me that you know what time I shower in the morning?

Just kidding, of course.

I don’t shower.

Anyhoo – this is my exiting Orbit via the staircase after enjoying the sights of London from the viewing area which is at the top of it. It’s the place I was while taking yesterday’s image of the skyline and rain over London.

I’m off to Beijing tomorrow for a week of work followed by a few days leisure. I’ll be scheduling Monday – Friday posts to go up on this site so you stalkers don’t miss my daily updates.

4 thoughts on “Descent from Orbit”

  1. No showers, huh. Well, good thing this blog isn’t THAT personal! Cool angle on the staircase! I like it! Travel safe and enjoy your trip!

  2. Awesome picture – love the different angle! What post-processing technique did you use here? (if you dont mind me asking)

    1. Hi Mike
      I tonemapped 3 brackets in Photomatix, sharpened in Photoshop and then used a filter called Brandon from Perfect Effects by OnOneSoftware. That’s pretty much it really.

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