Missing the Mark

It’s with a heavy heart that I’m writing this, as it’s going to be my last regular update in what has been – up until now – my daily photoblog.

Too much work has been put into this for the past two years, and other aspects of my life have suffered because of it; that along with the fact this site isn’t where I imagined it would be two years down the line then I have to question if my approach is right and if the hard work is worth it.

I’ve tried to improve as a photographer throughout the time I’ve been doing it, but I still see talentless hacks posting a few crappy images of their daily lives and getting thousands of hits on their work, and so there is no room for someone like me to compete in that environment.

It’s a pity this decision has come so close to my finally understanding the algorithm that Flickr use to make explore, as I’ve had a great success in getting my images into there of late. Unfortunately the majority of people who look at those images are those who simply want you to look at their work in return, and not true photographers who simply appreciate me without wanting anything in return.

I’m happy to share the algorithm with anyone who needs it, but as I’m making zero cash doing what I love, the instructions for making explore will be given out at $50 each.

Back to this image; I was bored and contemplative so sat in my flat how I always do when like that – in a hoodie with a bottle of whisky.

I thought it would be fun to try a little flash work of my pouring another shot. I was wrong, it was not fun at all.

I couldn’t even hit the glass.

7 thoughts on “Missing the Mark”

  1. Not sure what to say about your post, being April 1 and all. What I will say is that I think the image is quite creative and whether you hit the glass or not, it looks good to me!

  2. You know, as I was reading this I couldn’t agree more with a few of the comments you made. I was also worried you were really packing it up until I realized what the date was. You just keep doing what you love and let the hacks fall on their faces in the end 😉

    1. I think there is some truth in my words here, but if I let any of that affect me I would have given up a long time ago. Still loving photography, and still inspired to post one every day 🙂

  3. One of the better April Fools Jokes I’ve heard today, made all that much better with the perfect photo to go with it. As much as the joke of you giving up is wonderful, unfortunately a lot of what you said is true. It seems to be the hacks and those posting cat videos that get the response, not those with true talent.

  4. You had me fooled for a few paragraphs but in my defence I am reading this on 2 April! I too share some of your sentiments. A number of folk I used to follow have disappeared in recent months without even saying Goodbye!

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