I wonder exactly what is hidden in Thames?

For the most part when you simply see a flow of water. Take your time to examine that closely and you’ll realise just how brown that water is. Sometimes you may also see items floating down it, a shoe, an umbrella, a beer keg.

Peel back that layer of water, however, and I wonder just what you would find? It’s not uncommon to see something such as a shopping trolley, and at times there are old bits of music equipment, and in this case a nice old iron gate; I can’t imagine what else lies beneath the murky water.

Of course it’s only exposed for a short amount of time due to the tides. Before long this iron gate would return to it’s watery grave away from human eye.

I really liked this scene when I saw it; the gate was a natural focal point and it’s always nice to get the Tate modern and Shard in the image, but I also quite liked the sign about cleaning the river you can see in the middle of the Thames.

One thought on “Gate”

  1. While it is interesting to wonder what it holds, on the other hand I’m not sure I’d want to dive too deep! There’s no telling what less-than-lovely treasures are lurking beneath the surface! That gate is a delightful find, and the muted near-monochromatic look really works well here.

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