Storm Drain

On Saturday I met up with Jarrad for a photocrawl. The weather was certainly not the best, and though most people were unable to make it we decided to still head out and have a few drinks and see what we could find to take a photo of.

At one stage it was low tide on the Thames, so we spent some time walking along the beaches until we came upon a storm drain. It didn’t go on too far, and was pretty grimy from spending much of it’s time underwater, but we took the opportunity to take a few shots using my torch as a light source.

After playing around for a bit we headed back out to daylight, and I’m glad I did as the tide was starting to come in. Another 20 minutes or so and we would have been wading our way out of the entrance which would have done nothing for our appearance, let alone our camera gear.

2 thoughts on “Storm Drain”

  1. Beautiful, graphic image. A great composition for this kind of treatment. The high contrast look, looks very artistic!

  2. I agree with Tony–I love the high contrast look here. It’s abstract in quality, so I’m glad you told us what this is! Fantastic work.

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