Pye in the sky

I arrived home shortly before midnight last night, and wanted to sit and chill before bed. One way to unwind, I find, is to process images. Sure, you’re not always in the mood for doing so, but sometimes it’s just what you need to let your mind detach from a long day at work, get some sort of creative juice flowing, and end the day nicely.

Short on time before I knew my mind would cry for bed, I opened up Lightroom, flicked to an earlier catalogue, randomly selected a folder and grabbed a set of brackets which were immediately visible. Normally I would like to flick between folder and select an image to process based on which one grabbed my attention in some way at the time; in this instance it was a case of – grab whatever is there and do something with it. I think I was lucky with the folder selection really.

This image was taken in Pyestock a few years ago; I think from my first visit there, maybe the second, and It’s the same location where my popular ‘Cell 3‘ image was taken.

I tonemapped in Photomatix Pro before moving to CS6 where I added sharpness and a few filters, namely a black and white filter from Topaz B&Q Effects, which was at a reduced opacity to allow some colour in, then a few split tone and vintage filters from OnOne’s Perfect Effects, as well as a bleach bypass from Nik’s Color Efex with reduced opacity and set to luminosity blending mode. I finsihed with a little focal blur before uploading and giving into my brain crying out for my bed.

Then I watched TV for an hour…because that’s the way life is.

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