Danger - No Entry

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I was meant to be organizing a photowalk but that was swiftly called off due to the weather, which was a little bit grim and not something that this fairweather photographer wants to be out in. Instead I pretty much just watched TV all weekend, playing a little bit of Tomb Raider and processed a couple of images.

I contemplated heading to the tube to take a few snaps down there, but laziness won over and I opted instead to simply process an image from down there – et voila.

This was taken at Liverpool St Station. I had wandered down to the Westbound Central Line to go home and there were a couple of minutes to wait for a train. Most of the access to the platform seemed to be blocked off, but the large door just behind me was ajar so I poked my head in to see if there were any decent images, and that’s when I was faced with this set of unused escalators with this nice ribbon type thing over them.

For processing, I tonemapped 3 exposures and then mostly used a selection of OnOne filters which were manually brushed in, followed by a little Tonal Contrast and Low Key additions from the Nik Color Efex plugin.