Who ate all the nuts?

I admit, a lot of my time last weekend was spent watching TV. When I wasn’t watching the TV I seemed to be watching the birdhouse in the garden instead. Too much of my time was spent doing the latter.

It was nice to see all of the birds enjoying the delicious treats we put out. There were robins, and magpies and blackbirds and a big fat wood pigeon and a squirrel.

A squirrel?

Yes, a squirrel. We had looked on in dismay at the inelegant wood pigeon who walked around the place like a feathery godzilla, knocking over the water and sending the seeds flying. So you can image how we shook our fist in frustration at the sight of a greedy little squirrel.

I admit they’re pretty agile though, it was like watching a little ninja as he hung from the house to get the food below. I grabbed this shot through the window, and for processing I simply added a Lomo Soft filter.

One thought on “Who ate all the nuts?”

  1. Nice shot Mike, I wonder if the squirrel was imitating you being up on a crane somewhere 😉

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