Au Jardin

It’s so cold outside I am going to sit and stare at this image all day as it makes me feel a little bit warmer doing so.

I’m hoping to play around a bit more with off camera flash and have bought a few items, such as a diffuser, to assist with that. However, they weren’t delivered in time for a trip to the countryside this weekend, so I ended up using a piece of fabric instead – not as good at spreading the light, but allowed me to play around a little bit. This box of kindling beside the fireplace seemed like a perfect subject. I actually chopped all of the wood inside this myself using a very large and shiny axe.

I also processed this image in a cold blue tone – see below – as if the fire had gone out or not been lit yet, but this warm version is much nicer. I also added a few flames from images I had taken of us fire breathing earlier this year – yay for using my own stock images 🙂

Au Jardin - blue