Bus Lanes

I went out to take a few photographs on Sunday and was completely uninspired. Sunset was replaced by the need to grab a burrito; with the hour either side taken up in the pub having a pint or two. Attempts to go climbing a lovely building were thwarted, and before the night had set in for too long I had the desire to go home.

Sometimes you just don’t feel it, I guess. You can go out with the best intentions of taking a load of images, but nothing inspires you and you don’t even bother getting the camera out of the bag.

That often seems wasteful though, and so we headed off to St Paul’s Cathedral, still my favourite building in London, to try and get inspired – and as it was dark I decided a light trails may be the way to go.

I took a couple of images of St Paul’s itself – I think 4 in total – and then headed to the road to set up and wait for a bus or two, which in that area didn’t take long to arrive.

Today’s image is two exposures with one bus on either side of the road which I’ve masked through to. I added a little sharpening in CS6 before taking it into Perfect Effects by OnOneSoftware where I added, in varying opacities and locations, the Cybercool, Urban Sickness and Autumn filters before masking back in a little more of the red colours from the buses.

From a session that left me completely uninspired I’m happy to have left with one image I like.