What's the coming over the hill?

Sorry to The Automatic, but it’s just a cloud.

I decided to take a glance at a random folder of my 2012 Lightroom catalogue last night so I could do a bit of processing, and a particular folder for one day jumped out of the random collection due to the fact it had over 1,000 images in it (though I bracket most things, so this equates to around 333 actual shots. Within that I found images from my Iceland trip, a good enough folder to land on, and this image jumped out at me.

Though I don’t remember the exact details of where this was taken, and I’m too lazy to find a map, I do have a previous image that you can see for scale. Chasing Ice shows a crop of some of the ice in the middle of this image, and a group of people working their way through the landscape. They sure have a long way to walk.

For processing I tonemapped 3 brackets using Photomatix, sharpened and added a contrast boost in CS6, and then used selective brushing of the Urban Sickness & Cybercool filters from OnOne’s Perfect Effects; this was finished off with a little brushing in of Low Key shadows from Color Efex Pro and finally a denoise via Topaz.

One thought on “What’s that coming over the hill?”

  1. Holy dramatic clouds, Batman! I love that the “fluffy clouds” mimic the shape of the mountain. Spectacular, both the image and the processing.

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