On Sunday Jay and I headed out to Didcot Parkway to take a few photos of the power station there. I had been through the place many times before, but never bothered to stop and smell the…well, let’s just say they weren’t roses.

As is often the case we found ourselves stood in the middle of a muddy field for an hour or so waiting for the sun to go down, and from the vantage point we had I managed to get mostly silhouettes during the long exposures I was taking.

For processing I simply boosted the contrast a little and nothing more.

4 thoughts on “Power”

  1. It’s amazing how in great light, just about anything can be placed in a silhouette and look amazing! Wonderful tones and movement! Good stuff Murph!

    1. Thanks Scott… it took some time and sidestepping through sinking mud to try and get it this aligned. I think one step to the left may have been ideal.

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