The Meeting Place

Though I don’t particularly like this statue, I’ve taken an image of it quite a few times but never bothered to post any of them. Previously I’ve never been shooting wide enough to capture all of it effectively, but the 14mm sorted that out and was able to include the nice clock above it as well.

Though this is meant to represent the romance of travel, to me it’s simply a couple reuniting after someone had been away somewhere. Sure, it’s nice to have someone waiting for you when you get off the train, but to be honest I’m just as happy heading to the burrito place and then making my own way home. Perhaps that’s why I’ve never really been taken by this piece.

Have a great weekend everyone.

One thought on “The Meeting Place”

  1. I never managed to get a good one so far, but this is incredible, the focus and the mood perfect for the scene

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