I’ve shot the concourse area at Kings Cross so much that I’ve stopped calling it the ‘new’ concourse area. However, I was heading home a couple of weeks ago after a Friday night of beer and fancied a burrito so decided to stop by there once more – I happened to have the new 14mm lens on me (yes, I’m still classifying that one as ‘new’).

I had shot this angle before, but never come away with anything that I liked, but this wide angle lens seemed to correct that as I found myself really liking this one.

There wasn’t too much processing done to this one; this is a single exposure which I took straight into CS6 before sharpening a tad and adding a couple of OnOne filters for (split tone orange and a vintage type one), then I warped out the bottom right corner slightly to try and fix a few wonky parts of the architecture (I blame them, not the photographer).

That’s it really.

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