OXO Snow

Gosh I seem to have managed to capture quite a few snow images this year, which isn’t bad considering our snow didn’t last too long here in London and I only went out in it twice.

This is a spot that will be recognised by many, especially if you have ever visited London and taken a walk down the South Bank. I’ve attempted to shoot this scene many times as I really like how the wooden boards of the pier look in the foreground as they lead up to the tower. The problem(s) with my previous images here have mostly been to do with the OXO sign which often had a lightbulb that was blown whenever I went to take a photo, or had a spot light on the side of the text that was too bright. The other thing that makes me happier with this image than those shot previously from here is the fact I was not using a wider lens and can simply fit more of the scene in.

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