Snowy steps

Another day, another snow scene from London. It’s pretty much all gone now so I’m not going to have many of them left to show you.

However, today we do have one – and it’s a shot I took on Sunday when I (foolishly) decided to head out into the snow and see what shots I could find. The answer is, not many.

There’s a reason that I’m a fairweather photographer. It’s not really because I don’t like to get wet, or that I’m worried the camera will be ruined by a little bit of water. I think it’s because of the fact the lenses always get water spots on them if it’s snowing/raining and I’m too lazy to then clean it before each shot, in the knowledge that within 3 seconds of a 30 second exposure it’s going to be just as bad as it was before I cleaned it.

Okay, perhaps there is something in my not wanting to get wet also.

I was walking down the Euston Road on my way to Oxford Street to buy some gloves (playing with cameras and tripods in this weather makes your hands very cold).
Walking past these steps they really leapt out at me because of the fresh layer of snow that remained on them, and so I stopped in my tracks and backed up to the curb for a better view of the scene.

The camera had the 14mm on (let’s face it, that lens is going to be on the camera 94% of the time from here on) and viewing through that I really liked what I saw; there’s the main attraction of the steps in the middle of the frame with lovely untouched snow on them, likewise a couple of nice snowy rails that all lead up to a door (if you look closely you’ll see snow as it falls past the door) that has a sterile light coming from the window above it. The sterile light continues to the left where I see a window and…what’s that?…oh it’s a sign that states ‘Death’. I wonder what this place can be? This is then all offset nicely by moving to the opposite corner of the frame where we have a nice iron gate, cast in shadow and leading down to dark and unknown depths.

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