I took the opportunity while out on Friday night be the first person to walk in some of the fresh sand which can be found on the banks of the River Thames when the tide goes out.

There were a group of tourists who were stood at the railing you see in the top right of the frame; they were taking part in a guided tour of the area and many of them gawked in amazement as I opened a door within the railing and made my way down to the sand below. Not sure why they were so surprised, but I think a few of them wanted to follow me down there.

I trudged across…well, you can see by the footprints where I went…until I was stood under a cover from the walkway above which sheltered me from the gentle snow that was falling.

With the 14mm I was able to get in a lot of the scene, so was pleased to be able to get both the angle I wanted on the footprints, and have St Paul’s Cathedral in the image.


In other news, bon voyage and good luck to Ollie who is heading off to South East Asia for 6 months starting today. Best of luck on your travels; stay safe, shoot lots and have a blast.

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