Snow Trails

As I was walking through a snowy London on Friday night I wasn’t too sure where I wanted to go to take photos, and so I headed to the usual spots where I go in circumstances where I’m clueless, and that’s to the Southbank. Specifically I will do a loop or figure of eight that takes in all or part of the stretch from Westminster Bridge to the Millennium Bridge, crossing over either Hungerford or Waterloo bridge. On this occasion I did the section from Waterloo Bridge to St Paul’s along the South bank.

This was the first image I took that night, stopping part way across Waterloo Bridge in order to get the light trails from the passing traffic, in particular buses as these provide the best lights (I’ve always been hopeful for an ambulance or fire truck, but never had the pleasure of them passing at the right time and in the right location). Though I’ve taken plenty of these shots previously I thought the snow would add a little more interest to the scene rather than the usual pavement.

Of course, buses rarely pass at just the right moment so I too two exposures and blended these together to get the final result.

2 thoughts on “Snow Trails”

  1. Just can’t rely on those vehicles to pass at the right time! Very creative shot in regards to the snow Murph! I like it a lot!

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