A cold seat

It came a little earlier than last year, but London now has snow. Yay.

I like it during the early stage when it’s freshly settled and nice and white, and when it gives a satisfying crunch as you walk through it. I’ll be cursing it in a few days time when it’s turned to brown mush and lethal ice patches.

On Friday night I took a nice walk after work. It was still snowing a little but had eased off from during the day so I was able to stay out for a few hours and get some nice shots. The streets were pretty empty compared to usual and so I was able to snap a few images from the Southbank, such as this one, without having to wait for hoards of people to pass. I took another walk yesterday but the snow was a little too heavy to get too many shots.

Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend.

5 thoughts on “A cold seat”

  1. It must be perfect to photograph today, as it snowed the whole day yesterday. amazing light on this one, really beautiful

  2. I really like this. It would have been so tempting to change the angle on the bench a little if I had shot this scene, but that would have been a huge mistake.

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