Where the money flows

I overcame great adversity to take this shot, so I hope you all appreciate it.

Well I say adversity, I was stood on a bridge with four other photographers. It was the kind of bridge that shakes ever so slightly when people move on it – not enough to make you sea sick but enough to make the image from a long exposure a tad blurry. It took great skill to time this shot so that I could get as little movement as possible. That and some forceful barking towards my friends to keep still 🙂

The bridge is slightly at a skewed angle and offset from where I would otherwise want to take this shot, however it did offer a nice reflection on a night where the water was nice and calm, so I quite like the results achieved here after a little perspective shift in CS6.

For those unfamiliar with London, this is Canary Wharf, the business district of this wonderful city.

2 thoughts on “Where the money flows”

  1. wow but it was worth it!! The view and the reflections are stunning, and the sharpness is really good as well. brilliant work as always 🙂

  2. Top notch compostion and processing work here Mike, superb clarity, detail and colour captured within the image 😉

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