City Shrubs

I met up with Dylan, James, Jay, John and Ollie the other night to take a few photos around Canary Wharf. As always, it started in the pub before we headed out into the cold to shoot some night time long exposures. It wasn’t overly long before some people made their way homes, and Jay and I made our way back to the pub.

After a spot of dinner and a reviving beer we went back out there, and I think the food must have revived me because I felt much better for it and was back in the mood to take photos. Randomly walking around we came upon this scene, which we had seen before from Conor. We of course had to capture it ourselves.


After a failed attempt at purchasing the Canon 14mm at the end of last year due to delivery issues, and then debating whether or not to simply go to New York for a weekend to pick it up, I decided to simply click ‘buy’ on it yesterday so I should get the new lens delivered today. I hired the lens for my trip to Iceland last year so know that I like it, and I’m excited to get this into my bag of gear and start using it around London. The widest I can currently get to is 24mm so the additional is going to be noticeable. Yay.

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    1. You never come πŸ™

      Plus you don’t drink so I always feel guilty that 72% of the ‘walk’ is in the pub.

      Let’s meet up soon.

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