Hot Lips

My new nickname for Tony is ‘Hot Lips’, you can see why in this image, another one taken from our night of attempted fire breathing. Have I mentioned this was Tony’s (alleged) first time ever doing this? Some people have skillz.

Something has happened with these fire images that has made me a little confused. They look great for me on my MacBook Pro. However I managed to view one on a colleagues monitor the other day and was not impressed by them due to the fact they were really much lighter than I had processed and a lot of detail lost to me when creating it was visible (and horrible) on another monitor. I know there is a lot that goes into calibration, but I’m just hoping that people are seeing what I’m seeing and not the mess that I saw when viewing with a colleague.

The only way I could really replicate seeing the issues on the MacBook, in order to try and clean it up, was to push the add a curves adjustment layer in Photoshop and push the lines up as high as they would go.

The additional worry is what if there are other images from my past which look terrible and I just haven’t realised.