Fire Starter

Here’s another image of Tony doing his thing from Friday night’s fire breathing attempts. We had started by using a few speedlites but after a bit of rapid shooting this shot came out in between the flashes going off and turned out to be much better, I feel, than some of those with additional light. It seems fire is pretty bright and what wasn’t originally coming out in such a dark location from a couple of speedlites was soon more than compensated for when those flames got going.

As with many things, I think practice is needed. It took me way too long to establish the settings I required for a decent exposure in such light. Like spinning wool I think the novelty will wear off quickly, but the location that it is performed in will be what makes a shot, so any future fire breathing will need to be done from such a location as to add interest.

3 thoughts on “Fire Starter”

  1. Wow, the picture takes on a different feel with the environment exposed! Very cool location and setting! Good stuff!

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