Dragon Breath

On Friday night I headed out of London to an old, crumbling fort in Kent with John and Tony; the aim of the evening was to try a little fire breathing.

None of us had ever tried this before, so armed with a torch (both the usual battery operated ones, plus one we had the intention of igniting), a couple of litres of fuel and a few bottles of water we made our way into the fort by night and found a suitable location. I was terrible at it…though quite good at extinguishing the flaming torch. John was better, but admittedly not great. Tony, however, was awesome and must have been a dragon in a former life. He managed to get some amazing flames and balls of fire going, and as this was his first attempt at it I can’t wait to see how this improves over time, especially as it took a bit of trial and error tot get the camera settings right.

This shot is of Tony doing his thing.

2 thoughts on “Dragon Breath”

  1. Was a brilliant night and really enjoyed it… Guess I just got lucky with the flames 🙂

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