I’m dragging this one out of the archives. It was taken all the way back in January and after processing it sat unposted since then. I was glancing through my images today attempting to find something to put up and this one leapt out at me and now feels the right time to me to post.

I’ve got a set of images in mind which revolve around graveyards. It’s not the happiest of themes, but when I find the time in the new year it’s something I think I will go ahead and do.

As for this year, I am seeing a lot of people doing a blog post which shows their favourite images taken throughout the year so hopefully I’ll find some time to take a look back through my own work and pull a few out for a similar post. I remember having some shots I was really happy with in my 2011 Roundup post last year, so hopefully there will be some I am equally proud of this year.

All in all it’s been a good year, both within my photography and without. As this one dies and another is born I’m pretty excited by the prospects.

One thought on “Sacred”

  1. This image gives the feeling of both sadness and promise, as it would appear the gravestone has been somewhat abandoned, but new life surrounds it. Nice!

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