A long road

Well, I guess it has been a long road. I’ve been posting one image per weekday now for quite some time, and that hasn’t stopped with holidays or sickness.

Today’s image is another taken in Iceland, and is my 500th post to this blog. In a few months time I’ll be celebrating 2 years of weekday images. That’s a lot of running around and shooting, many hours of processing, and even more last minute ‘oh my gosh’ moments wondering what I will possibly fill the gaps with.

Thanks to everyone who has been travelling this road with me (and I mean the metaphorical one, as it was only John who was travelling the road in the image with me).

5 thoughts on “A long road”

  1. Congrats on a great run Murph! It is a lot of work, but you seem to have handled it just fine! Well done, on the blog and on this image! Quite nice!

    1. Cheers Chris. When I set myself the goal of one per day I wasn’t sure if I would get this far, so happy to have done so. Now I just need to get those other ‘things I would like to achieve’ rolling 🙂

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