My trip to the US and Canada a few months ago was the first time I have been over there and not suffered from jetlag. It was pretty weird. I think it’s because I went to Seattle for just a few days and my body didn’t have time to get confused before I was then coming back a little bit as I went to Toronto. There my body must have thought ‘good, we’re back to how we should be’. After a few days it got suspicious in a ‘wait a minute…this isn’t actually London’ kind of way, and so it decided to try and shut me down – but I just grabbed an early night and felt okay the next day. Then I went through a few days of very little sleep which simply confused it more.

So, I had finished work on the Thursday, switched hotels from the corporate one to a lovely personal one and then headed to the islands to shoot a skyline. I got to bed at a reasonable time. On the Friday morning, however, I was up at stupid o’clock to get the first train out of Union towards Niagara Falls. I had been to the falls once before, around 7 years ago, and remember it being lovely, and this time I wanted to go and take photos there.

I arrived at the falls with a combination of train, bus and then taxi at aroun 8:45am. I didn’t stay too long, and didn’t get too many decent shots of it. It’s pretty darn hard to get shots when the spray from the falls is so consuming and simply drenches you and the camera gear, with a fierce wind meaning an umbrella is useless. I was surprised to find I got this particular shot, to be honest, and think I had done so using the 10 stop black glass to slow it down and capture the movement a little bit.

By 10am I was on the taxi>bus>train back to Toronto, with the bus driver disbelieving I had bought my day ticket that day in Toronto due to the early hour that it was. Back at the hotel by noon I was pretty knackered, but grabbed a quick shower before meeting Edith for coffee and a quick shooting session, which was then followed by dinner at a friends house. I returned back to the hotel at around 5am the next morning for a few hours sleep before getting up to enjoy my last day in the city. All of this confused my body so much that it just gave up and decided not to inflict the jetlag on me.

I guess the moral is that you should burn the candle at both ends sometimes. Stupid moral…but it seemed to work for me. Once.

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    1. Thanks Rich. I haven’t yet seen it from the US side, though on this particular day I wish I had as the spray was certainly landing in Canada this day.

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