Shopping for sand

It’s amazing what items you can find on the banks of the Thames. Whether this trolley was pushed over the edge and on to the bank below (or perhaps it jumped?), or whether it was swept down the river from some other place is unknown.

Of course, it’s rare that you find anything good. I’m not saying a shopping trolley is an every day find, and it’s certainly more interesting than a shoe. However it does lack the wow factor of…oh I don’t know…a mermaid.

Wait…perhaps there are mermaids in the Thames and one had been shopping, using this trolley; but it had a wonky wheel and she couldn’t quite navigate it in a straight line and, before you know it, she was stuck on a mound of sand as the sun was coming up.

That could explain why we only ever find individual shoes as well.

In unrelated news I’m high on Lemsip and cough syrup.

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