Escher in Absinthe

Here’s another angle on the set of central stairs that can be found in City Hall, London. I’ve been processing a lot of my architectural shots in a blue tone of late and so I decided I would try something a little different with this image. As a results I used a few different filters on it, but the main one was Urban Sickness which is part of the Perfect Effects plugin from OnOneSoftware.

I stood pretty near to the corner of the upper corridor to grab this image and liked both the reflective surfaces on the wall and the tubular support which acts as a leading line from the top left. It was taken during Open House weekend so it was pretty difficult to get the stairs without anyone using them. I certainly failed to do so which is why you can catch a glimpse of a few people working their way through the scene.

In other news, today I have a workflow video up on HDROne showing my process of processing the Golden Falls image I took in Iceland earlier this year. Please do check it out if you have time to spare and an interested in how I get things done.

HDR - Workflow Video - Golden Falls

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