Not sure what it is about this particular piece of architecture, taken in the main concourse of the newly developed King’s Cross Station, but it seems to work well in this muted blue tone.

I had time to kill before taking a train out of London for the weekend, and there’s only a few things that I can do in this station under that circumstance. The first is to grab a burrito from the wonderful Benito’s Hat. The second is to take photos. On this occasion I had already eaten lunch, so I wandered around with the Sony NEX-7 for a while. One of the things I like most about this little camera is the LED viewfinder. It can be pulled out from the main body slightly and placed at various angles which means you reduce the effort needed to take shots looking up – and this means you’re able to get things a little more symmetrical than you may do otherwise.

I attempted to process this one initially in black and white, however this wasn’t really working for me and it felt like something was missing – so I went ahead and added the blue tint, pretty sure that that would do the trick.

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