Parallel Lines

While in Toronto I visited the Evergreen Brick Works area which I had been told by Edith would be great for some urban grit type of shots. It was a pretty cool location and the farmers market that was on allowed me to grab breakfast in the form of a burrito – yay. I wandered around for a while post food and also took around a small section of the Don Valley Brick Works Park.

Before I knew it the market was packing up for the day and I was left to wander around without too many people there, which was nice but also meant the chances of a random taxi arriving was very low.

As I walked around the outskirts of the buildings I saw a railway bridge which looked pretty cool – I had walked under the arches of one during my jaunt around the park and I wondered if it was the same one and, if so, whether or not it was even used…so I went to investigate. Ten minutes later I had gone up the hill, found the track and made my way over to the bridge area.

Within this shot you can see the lovely fall colours in the trees on the left; the edge of the Brick Works on the right, and the Toronto skyline in the distance.